Organizational Profile

AWO International

AWO International was founded in 1998 as a professional association for development cooperation and humanitarian action within the framework of the German welfare organization “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” (AWO, literally: Workers’ Welfare). 

In cooperation with local partner organizations, AWO International is committed to support marginalized and disadvantaged groups of society to sustainably improve their living conditions. In crisis situations, AWO International, also in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations, quickly provides humanitarian aid to the affected population and supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction process.

Also in Germany, AWO International aims at promoting the topics of solidarity, justice, the effects of globalization and fair trade among the population. In the scope of the project “Global Learning”, we offer educational events in order to raise public awareness about global interrelations and dependencies, as well as inform about challenges and chances of globalization. Since 2007, AWO International has been promoting the idea of fair trade and offers own fairly traded and ecologically produced products.

Strengthening social structures

AWO International has a special approach in its development projects, which is the “Enhancement of Social Structures”: The objective of the project is to set up and strengthen the social structures, in which the people are interacting. To achieve these objectives, AWO International and its partner organisations concentrate their efforts on providing organisational development and supporting civil society networks on local as well as on community and regional level.

Strengthening the capacity of the marginalised communities also requires improving their access to governmental ressources and services. The people need to know about their rights and how to claim them. Advocacy and lobbying activities are important strategies in this process. AWO International supports projects in urban and rural areas and facilitates expert exchange with sections of the “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” in Gemany. Further details see "Projects".



AWO in Germany

Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) is a decentralised German welfare association and one of the top six associations of the public welfare in Germany. AWO was founded in 1919 by Marie Juchacz. Due to its history and its socio-political understanding, it is a charitable organization with a special character: Women and men have come together as members and as volunteers and employees to participate in our society in dealing with social problems and to realize the democratic, social state of law. Guiding principles and a mission statement are the basis for action in the Arbeiterwohlfahrt. In 2019 AWO is celebrating its 100th anniversary!

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