Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help most efficiently?

AWO International and its partner organizations have great expertise and experience in the field of development cooperation. The donation of funds is therefore the best and most effective way to support the projects and activities of AWO International. For more information please click here.


Which projects are supported by AWO International Regional Office South Asia?

Please find more information about our projects in South Asia under projects. If you have additional questions please contact the responsible Program Coordinators.


Can I become a member of AWO International?

Being a member association, only non-profit institutions, project management agencies, corporate members and legal persons can become members of AWO International. For more information please visit AWO International e.V.'s charta (in German only).


Is it possible to do an internship with AWO International Regional Office South Asia?

Please check for currently available positions under news.


Is it possible to help as a volunteer in a conflict area or in one of the AWO International supported projects?

Many people are offering their help in emergency situations or want to contribute to the development processes themselves. AWO International is very thankful for these offers, but hopes for your understanding, that in most of the cases this is not possible. Expertized and experienced volunteers with local knowledge are needed for most interventions. That's why AWO International works especially with local personnel and helpers, because they are specialists for their region, culture, language and practical requirements.


Where can I find more information about AWO International?

For further information about AWO International e.V. please visit our download area and the following website (in German only)