AWO Germany and Regional Office South Asia demonstrate against Racism and introduces to Regional Program

On 21st March 2014, at 11:55 more than 50.000 staff of AWO in Germany demonstrated against Racism in front of their office compounds. Beneath thousands of service centers, elderly homes and kindergartens, also AWO International Head Quarter in Berlin such as Regional Office in Kathmandu set a sign. On the occasion of the open house of AWO International in Germany an interactive Skype presentation of Regional Program South Asia took place on 26th of March.

Due to the time difference between Asia and Europe AWO International’s Regional Office South Asia was the first AWO entity that actively demonstrated against Racism. Program Coordinator, Finance Coordinator, Regional Head Representative, such as the Guard and other support staffs took part in the demonstration in front of the Nepal Office in Lalitpur. Please click here to get some photo impressions about all AWO demonstrations in Germany and abroad.  

Discrimination of marginalized segments of population is a big issue in South Asia. Alone in Nepal there are hundreds of different ethnic groups and casts; many of them experience social exclusion. Around 20% of the Nepalese population (around 27 million people) are considered as part of the Dalits / „Untouchable“-Cast (of the traditional Hindu system); members of this cast are still discriminated in social, economic and educational context.

AWO International implements a Regional Program in India, Nepal and Bangladesh that contributes to gender equality, social harmony and reduction of discriminative practices and facilitates access to equal services and support schemes. The “Program for Livelihood Improvement of Marginalized Groups and Labour Migrants in South Asia” is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic and Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

On 26th of March AWO International celebrated an open house after the Head Quarter was shifted within city of Berlin. As part of the program all regular staff of Regional Office South Asia interacted with guests from various German AWO entities about the Regional Program and introduced to their work in Nepal Office of AWO International.

Regional office team demonstrating against racism and discrimination in front of the office building

Still some ethnic, religious groups and casts as well as widows and people with disabilities are discriminated in South Asia

General Manager, Mrs. Ingrid Lebherz, moderating the Skype interaction between Regional Office and AWO entities in Berlin

AWO staff working in sectors as for example children & youth promotion and migration in Germany showed their interest for the regional program