AWO International South Asia team visits Berlin Head Office

From 6th to 12th of an incredibly mild November the local staff of AWO International’s Kathmandu office as well as its two Pune-based local finance coordinators visited the head office in Berlin. Their stay included long working sessions on such diverse topics as project management, financial monitoring, public relations or humanitarian aid. In addition, the South Asia team had the chance to visit various projects of AWO such as the ‘Lankwitzer Werkstaetten’, a workshop for disabled people, an AWO Migration Centre in Berlin or a project aiming at helping delinquent women by offering employment opportunities through participation in a sewing workshop.

Apart from the AWO International Berlin head office team, they met various representatives of AWO and thus got to know AWO International and its parent organisation much better, gaining invaluable insights into what AWO and AWO International stands for in Germany. The team also took part in the award ceremony of AWO’s Heinrich Albertz Peace Award, which in 2011 was awarded to the former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Dr. Jutta Limbach. Their visit also coincided with the historic date of the 9th of November and the team from Nepal and India had the chance to learn more about German history, for example, through a visit to the ‘Reichstag’ (German Parliament) or by tracing remnants of the Berlin Wall.

All in all, the team from South Asia gained a lot of experience from ths one-week visit and came back with a better understanding not only of AWO International’s history and context, but also of the various projects and activities that make AWO one of the most experienced and successful welfare organisations in Germany. In addition, their insight into aspects of German history has put their idea of their (German) employer into perspective and the various coordination meetings and working sessions with the AWO International Berlin office team helped to strengthen the Kathmandu office’s capacities.