AWO International starts new partner project in Bangladesh

After intense planning and deliberations on 18th of October 2012 a Contract of Cooperation for a joint project to be implemented in Bangladesh was signed at the Regional Office South Asia in Kathmandu between AWO International and the Bangladeshi NGO WARBE Development Foundation. 


Following a strategic re-orientation of its South Asia programme the project deals with the situation and livelihood of labour migrants in two Districts of Bangladesh. It aims at capacitating potential outgoing and returning migrants in the Districts of Comilla and Tangail to take informed decisions about migration and to make full use of their rights. More specifically, and in line with the integrated approach of the other AWO International supported projects in South Asia, the project entails three components:

  • It will help to organise migrant communities in the two Districts and enable them to address migration related issues/problems on their own (institutional development). In addition, it will raise awareness about migrants’ rights, about the risks of irregular migration as well as the basic procedures of safe migration.
  • Through skills trainings and knowledge transfer the project will provide incentives for returning migrants to make productive use of their remittances, and means for potential outgoing as well as returning migrants to increase their income thus offering an alternative to labour migration or making migration more rewarding.
  • Finally, the project will advocate for a revised policy and laws in the light of migrants’ rights (UN Convention 1990) to ensure improvements in the recruitment systems and increased accountability of government institutions.



This is the first project ever of AWO International in Bangladesh. We are happy to have found in the WARBE Development Foundation a reliable local implementing partner and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with WARBE Development Foundation