Bangladesh Partner WARBE presents Baseline Publication

To be able to measure the impact of the ongoing phase 2014-2016 the long term partners of AWO International in Nepal conducted participatory baseline processes and published the most relevant findings in attractive brochures that will be also utilized for advocacy purposes.

The participatory baseline processes involved all project staffs and assessed all project relevant data on household as well as on secondary data level. The Program Coordinator of AWO International as well as a specialized Consultant took place in both baseline workshops and technically backstopped the process till completion. The participatory process brought out three direct results in each organization:

1.) Further capacitated project staff who is very familiar with the project design, the project areas and the addressed issues and who knows new enumeration and monitoring techniques.

2.) An internal baseline report incl. all questionnaires, data, methods and a revised Monitoring & Evaluation Framework. The data will be needed for the end line study that will provide evidence about the achievement of defined indicators and results.

3.) A Baseline Publication that contains major findings, that states how the cooperation project of AWO International and the respective partner will address the needs and that provides suggestions for a focused implementation of the project to address the needs in a most effective way. The baseline publication is shared with all relevant project stakeholders and utilized for lobbying and advocacy purposes as well as for public relations and fund raising of the respective partner organization.

Please click here to download the electronic version of the Baseline Publication of WARBE (1.6 Mb). The cooperation project addresses Labour Migration in context of Bangladesh on a regional, national and international level.