Cooperation Project of AWO International and MADHYAM Foundation officially considered as Reference Model for India

End of June eleven NGOs across India were invited to present their innovative approaches for agriculture development and poverty reduction to the Director General, of the National Rural Livelihood Mission, Govt. of India. The model of Women Vegetable Grower Cooperatives, developed in the cooperation project with AWO International during the last five years was appreciated and the Government decided to adopt this model across India (through the NGOs currently supported by the Government) to reach out to more numbers of small and marginal farmer households.


The cooperation project with MADHYAM Foundation is currently reaches out to 30 women vegetable growers cooperatives in three districts of Odhisa; nearly 9.000 women vegetable growers benefit directly and 63.000 people indirectly benefit from agricultural innovations, better market linkages and mobilization of farmers in effective social structures. 


As the applied approach has a deep impact on poverty reduction and livelihood promotion of the poorest segments of society in relatively short time a funding proposal for an additional project in a fourth district of Odhisa has been forwarded by AWO International to the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) that recently launched the special initiative “A World without Hunger”.

Mixed and inter cropping patterns promote better nutrition, prices and protect the soils

Soil testing, line seeding, organic manures and pesticides lead to higher and healthier output

Vegetable sorting & collection centers and joint marketing initiatives result in better incomes