Five Month after the Earthquake in Nepal

Since 25. April 2015 more than 50.000 people were reached by various humanitarian aid interventions of AWO International and its partners organizations. In the initial phase people received tarpaulins, hygiene and NFI kits and the most needed, recently supported safe temporary shelters help to overcome monsoon and to prepare for the cold winter, human trafficking awareness measures in 31 districts help to mitigate trafficking and forced migration.

Please click here to download a graphical presentation about the relief works supported by AWO International in the first 5 month after the earth quake (7,4 MB)

In the devastating earthquake from 25th April 2015 and more than 300 after quakes 8.969 people died, 22.321 got injured and 602.600 houses were completely destroyed, leaving millions of people homeless. With support of the emergency fund of AWO International and donations from Germany and Austria, provided by Germanys Relief Coalition (ADH) such as Nachbar in Not and Volkshilfe Austria, the regional team of AWO International was able to initiate needed support at the right time. We would like to thank all individual donors, all implementation partners and supporting organizations including the International Organization for Migration (IOM)!
Especially girls and women that lost their homes, husbands and fathers are at high risk of human trafficking. That’s why AWO International initiated a huge information campaign in Nepal and India. On 19th August AWO International, MAITI Nepal POURAKHI and IOM organized a stakeholder meeting on human trafficking and forced labor migration that was attended by 30 organizations.  In the mean while the developed counter trafficking IEC-materials in earth quake context were reprinted by IOM and UNICEF and are utilized by plenty national and international organizations in the country.

The relief efforts are now integrated in existing long term development projects with AWO International partners SAHAMATI, POURAKHI, MAITI Nepal, NEEDS Nepal and MSS Seva (India).

The following paragraphs provide an overview about the relief works in the past month:

Emergency relief for 7670 households  / nearly 43.000 people:

Distributed goods: Tarpaulins for tents, matrasses, blankets, hygiene kits and kitchen utensils, water disinfection drops, medicines and rice (in initial stage)

Transitional shelter for 1.350 household / more than 7.500 people:
Temporary shelters for the time of Monsoon (CGI-sheets, tool boxes, skilled labor, training of multipliers for light constructions utilizing local materials)

Psychosocial counseling initiated in 7 villages

Campaign against unsafe / forced migration and human trafficking:
Nationwide awareness campaign incl. development & distribution of IEC-Materials. Cross-border multi-stakeholder meetings & awareness on Indian boarder sites

Geographic Intervention areas:

Distributions of Tarpaulins and other NFIs in 22 villages (VDC) in 4 districts of Nepal (Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu, Nawalparasi, Dolakha)
Transitional shelters in 13 villages in 2 districts of Nepal (Kathmandu & Nawalparasi). Campaign against human trafficking implemented in 31 districts and at national level

Emergency relief milieu

Offloading a truck with tarpaulins and hygiene kits

German Vice-Ambassador in Nepal distributing NFIs

Distribution of NFIs in Sindhupalchowk

Anti-trafficking awareness on buckets

Recipients are happy about quality of NFIs

Coordination with clusters in Chauthara

AWO team inspects stock at Humanitarian Hub in Banepa

Training of local masons in Ratanpur, Nawalparasi

Local youth loading a truck with construction materials

Distribution of CGI-sheets in Kathmandu district

Tool boxes for construction of interim shelters

Single women counting the bundle of 8 sheets

T-shelter construction in Arkhala, Nawalparasi

Monitoring of distribution and temporary shelters

Nepal-India cross-border workshop against human trafficking