Himalaya flood affects nearly 4.000 villages. AWO International helps!

After extreme monsoonal rainfalls heavy floods brought devastation to the Indian state of Uttarakhand. As per official sources 822 people died, initially 55.000 have been stranded, hundreds are still missing and many are injured. Vehicles, life stocks and fields were washed away, thousands of villagers lost their homes and source of income. Indian media speak of a “Tsunami of the Himalaya”.   

More than 1.600 Roads were damaged, 711 roads and many bridges were snatched away and in many villages locals are starving as supplies cannot reach them. Some villages are located in high altitude; chilly temperatures below freezing point make it hard to survive. Blankets, plastics to replace damaged roofs, food, medicines and water purifiers are needed in far more than hundred villages.

As per 30th July 658 villages still remained in darkness, 744 villages have lost connectivity with the rest of the state. 237 drinking water schemes have been damaged. More than one week after the disaster took place still many places could not see any help.

AWO International supports it`s long term partner MSS (Manav Seva Sansthan) in bringing relief to hundreds of flood victims in the respective project area of the organization. MSS is experienced in relief and rehabilitation works and is a member of the regional humanitarian aid and disaster preparedness network CBATN.

Since one week members of MSS assess the situation in the devastated areas. The preparations for the joint relief project have already started. Soon food, medicines, shelter and sanitary support such as medical aid will be brought to needy families. MSS will utilize existing structures and partnerships to bring help there where it is needed most.

Funds are coming from donations of German individuals and AWO structures in Germany such as from “Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.” a German Humanitarian Aid Network; AWO International is a member of. To be able to react spontaneous and non-bureaucratic AWO International needs further donations. You can help by contributing to the emergency fund of AWO International:

Account holder: AWO International
Utilization:  "Nothilfefonds"
Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE12 1002 0500 0000 1011 12

Monsoonal rainfalls brought the worst floods of 100 years to the river banks of Uttarakhand

Houses in more than 100 villages were devastated, people and life stock spilled away

Villagers of Munsyari Pithoragarh District receive first aid; many lost their basis of existence