How Rupa became an Activist for Combatting Human Trafficking

The 20 year old Rupa lives in a small village in Sindhupalchowk, a region that is poor and provides little infrastructure. After a 3 months training with our project partner Maiti Nepal, Rupa opened her own business and is engaged in combatting Human Trafficking. 

Rupa lives with her brother’s family and her mother in Tyangthali in Sindhupalchowk, close to the border of China. It is a rural and poor area she lives in, the infrastructure is weak. Since the earthquake in 2015, the situation became even worse. Many people migrate to find work abroad and to secure their livelihood.

Rupa's father died during her childhood. While going to school, she always looked for opportunities to support her family and eventually got to know about Maiti Nepal’s Program in Sindhupalchowk last year. When she heard she and her family were selected for the Livelihood Development Training, she was very happy and gave her all. Rupa learnt for three months the basics of tailoring and entrepreneurship in Kathmandu. At the end of the course, she received a sewing machine to start her own business back home.

During her time in Kathmandu, she further received life skill training and participated in activities concerning Human Trafficking and Migration. Nowadays, she is very aware about the dangers and risks of irregular migration as well as gender equity issues.Through her active role and engagement in the program, Rupa has gained a lot of confidence and feels comfortable to speak up in front of many people.  She is not afraid to express her thoughts and knows how to build rapports with other people.

After returning home, Rupa opened a tailoring shop in her village and her income has improved significantly. She generates around NPR 3000 a month through sewing children’s clothes. Rupa hopes to scale up her business so that she can further support her family and does not need to migrate to secure their livelihood.

In February 2017, Rupa became elected as a Maiti Nepal Volunteer (MNV) to spread her success story as well as her knowledge on gender equity and migration issues to her community and other villages in the region.

"I just want to help my community people by sharing what I learnt about trafficking issues, unsafe migration, and domestic violence cases. I feel so proud: Sometimes people come to my home and ask for information on migration or seeking advises to solve their family problems", says Rupa. 

From a shy but determined girl, Rupa  has developed into a strong and confident woman, respected by the community. Her position as a MNV and the vocational trainings offered by our partner organisation Maiti Nepal support her in going her own way proudly and becoming an outstanding woman. She has become a role model for other young girls in the region of Sindhupalchowk.

Rupa Karki has opened her own business after a 3 months training at our partner organisation Maiti Nepal. Furthermore, she is engaged in combatting Human Trafficking and fighting for Gender Equity. (Picture: AWO International)