IEC-Materials against Human Trafficking and Forced Migration launched during Press Conference

On 26th June 2015 more than 40 journalists from national and international media attended a press conference organized by AWO International, MAITI Nepal and POURAKHI in coordination with IOM. As risk of Human Trafficking and forced migration is high after earthquake and first cases are already reported a series of awareness materials for multipliers and earthquake victims were developed and launched during the event.

After the devastating earthquake that struck various parts of Nepal livelihood of people living under tarpaulins has been heavily affected; more than 22.300 people were injured and 8.840 killed. More than 800.000 thousand people lost their homes and many found themselves in unsafe settlements and desperate poverty. As a consequence this has also led to unsafe and unregistered labor migration. At the other side more migrants coming back home and numbers of registered outgoing migrants have halved which has also hampered the remittance inflow to the country.

As per POURAKHI false promises of recruiting agents and traffickers lead to increased unsafe migration and vulnerable situations as proper migration channels are widely unknown and official documents are not available. The organization enabled immediate relief to earthquake victims in Kathmandu, Dolkha, Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading, Gorkha and other Districts of Nepal.

Human Trafficking, especially of children, girls and women has increased in the post disaster scenario. The number of interceptions made through the border surveillance interventions of Maiti Nepal has also escalated. Since April 25 to June 23, Maiti Nepal has saved 395 girls and women through its vigilance mechanisms at border check points and strategic locations.

Districts as Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Rasuwa and Makwanpur have been ghastly affected by the earthquake. Coincidently, these districts are recognized trafficking prone areas since long time. The disaster has misplaced many women and children and brought many of them in even more vulnerable positions to be afflicted with sexual violence, and trafficking.
AWO International implements long term projects with its partner organizations MAITI Nepal and POURAKHI promoting social structures in the Districts of Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk and Chitwan such as on a national advocacy level. Together with POURAKHI, MAITHI Nepal and the Indian Partner MSS Seva interaction workshops on trafficking and unsafe migration in Nepal for national actors and international relief organizations such as cross boarder stakeholder networks are organized.

To address and mitigate increased unsafe migration such as human trafficking after the earth quake a joint initiative was launched by AWO International, MAITI Nepal, POURAKHI and IOM that includes the development and distribution of the following IEC-materials:
• 300.000 brochures / leaflets for public awareness including promotion of helplines
• 30.000 stickers for placement at strategic places, buses and other means of transport
• 500 flex banners to be used for educational purposes in communities, schools, etc.
• 20 hoarding boards (10x15 ft.) to be placed at boarders and relevant bus parks  

We are happy to enable these IECs also to other interested organizations to increase the outreach. Please click here to download the requisition form and send it back by Email

Awareness for safe access of toilets in displacement areas

Brochure, page 1 and 4

Brochure, page 2 and 3

Design of stickers and hoarding boards

Flex banner for multipliers

Launch of IEC materials during press conference