International Human Rights Day 2017

Approximately 555.880 Bangladeshis leave their home country each year and are working currently in 160 countries. Many Bangladeshis decide to work abroad to contribute to their family’s earnings but end up in terrible living and working conditions without any respect for the universal declaration of human rights or any ILO standards. They are frequently getting cheated and abused by middlemen and traffickers due to the lack of implementation of existing laws. On occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10th of December 2017 and the support of AWO International our project partner WARBE Development Foundation in Bangladesh organized and hosted a state level consultation session on “Human Right Violation of Bangladeshi Migrants and Their Protection”. The event focused on addressing human right violation and raising awareness about the situation of migrant workers abroad. The program was organized at the National Press Club aiming to widely engage media support. Unionists, migrant right campaigners, civil society people and returnee migrants demanded strict enforcement of the laws to punish middlemen and brokers and to advocate the policy issues within the government. The consultation was a culmination of a precursor in form of Human Chain formation by the participants of the consultation who showed and demonstrated their solidarity with the rights of migrant workers. The gaps in the current acts were highlighted and returnee migrants also participated in and shared their stories of hardships faced at home and abroad. Participants asked the government to be more proactive protecting the rights of migrant workers abroad. Eventually it is them who are sending hard earned remittances back to Bangladesh which contribute largely to the national economy. Moreover many female migrants suffer sexual abuse while working in foreign countries. WARBE Development Foundation alerted towards Bangladesh authorities to take the issue of abused female migrants to courts in the host countries and to ensure justice for the victims and punishment of the offenders. Despite existing laws migrant workers are still not getting their minimum rights. It is important to raise awareness for their situation in order to reduce the horrific personal costs of migration.

Participants of consultation session demonstrate in front of the National Press Club, Dhaka, to raise awareness for the terrible situation of migrant workers abroad

On occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10th of September 2017 WARBE Development Foundation organized a state level consultation with unionists, civil society people, migrant rights supporters and returnee migrants