Landless Rangubai becomes Goat owner

Mrs. Rangubai Bhima Shinde from the village Khadki was amongst the poorest of the poor. She became a part of AFARM’s and AWO International’s project and started goatry rearing with a partial support from the project and a partial crerdit in 2016. Today, she has successfully flourished her goatry rearing small enterprise owning 25 goats. She is living independently and is also able to take care of herself living a dignified life.  


Mrs. Rangubai Bhima Shinde is a single,  landless and was   depending on daily wage earnings for survival only. She is a hard worker and she was used hunting for labour  in her own and nearby villages.  Her earning period would last  only for 2-3 months through the year getting her only Rs. 150-200 a day. She would have always lived in uncertainty and worry for the next day‘s earnings. To overcome this, she started migrating to the bricks klins but due to unhealthy conditions she returned suffering from sickness.   

When the „Special Initiative Project of Poverty Reduction and Food Security for Drought Prone Areas“ started in the village Khadki, Mrs. Rangubai was identified as one of the landless households who are the primary beneficaries of the initiative.  Mrs. Rangubai  started attending the monthly meetings of the CSPGs on a regular basis. She gradually became one of the active participants. She was selected for the measure giving “support to landless for small scale livelihood activity”.  She was provided partial support of Rs 6000/- for purchasing a goat (with two goat kids) in  June 2016. 

Over the next 27 months, she sold and bought the goats and finally she raised 15 goats and 10 goat kids. Until August 2018 she sold 17 male goats  increasing her earning upto Rs. 5000/-per sale totalling upto Rs  85000. Rangubai has stopped migrating to brick kiln as she has to take care of her small livelihood enterprise now. From her savings she has invested Rs. 60,000 in her house construction too. Due to the increased numbers of goats Rangubai  has to take the place on rent from her neighbours.

In her words – “I recieved Rs 6,000 from the project and added Rs 3000 for first purchase. Today, I am self-reliant and able to fulfill my basic needs without hassle and worris“.