Marking the International’s Worker Day in Bangladesh

AWO International’s partner WARBE Development Foundation organized a human chain and a consultation meeting at the National Press Club to mark the International Worker’s day in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Migrants’ rights campaigners demanded the government to ensure safe and dignified migration of workers from Bangladesh. They also demanded the ratification of ILO convention 189 by the Bangladesh government to ensure decent work for domestic workers and to negotiate with destination countries to protect their workers. They majorly demanded to regulate the recruiting process in regards of the so-called intermediaries. These intermediaries often cheated the uniformed potential labor migrants.

Lawmaker and the chairperson of Parliamentarians Caucus on Migration and Development, Mr. Israfil Alam was the chief guest at the meeting. He said that women workers from Bangladesh should not be sent abroad as ‘products’ without ensuring their protection abroad. Male workers with proper skill training and proficiency on spoken language should migrate abroad for the betterment of them and for the country too, he said. Moderating the meeting, WARBE’s chairperson, Mr. Syed Saiful Haque, said that the government should allocate special budget for the migrant workers and should build centers for returnee workers.

Further contribution to the discussion were made by Mr Nazmul Ahsan, the chair of the Bangladeshi network for oversea employment (BOAF), by representatives from the trade unions and participants from the government and non-governmental sectors. All contributions aimed to increase the Government’s accountability and responsibility towards its citizens when going on foreign labor employment.

Participants of the event gather for a rally to mark the International's Labour Day on May 1st, 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh