National day against human trafficking observed in Nepal

Over the last twelve years 5th September has been celebrated as a national day against human trafficking in Nepal. Controlling human trafficking has become a huge challenge due to Nepal's open borders with its neighbouring countries. Unlike in the past, it is not only limited to the sex industry abroad. Nowadays, the dimensions are changing enormously. Human trafficking has been taking place in the guise of foreign employment. According to the government source 1634 girls and women were rescued last year in coordination with civil society organizations. Unsafe migration has been steadily increasing due to desperate economic opportunities, insufficient agriculture production as well as some other development obstacles for the landlocked country.

AWO International’s partners in Nepal namely Maiti Nepal and NEEDS Nepal participated in the program. Maiti Nepal, since its foundation is combating to end trafficking of girls and women through various measures: prevention, protection and prosecution.

5th September was celebarated in AWO International's supported project areas across the country. Mainly in  Sindhupalchowk, Chitwan, Rasuwa, Kanchanpur and Doti districts mass awarness raising activities were conducted by the project partners aiming to inform communities and stakeholders about the threats of human trafficking for the entire nation. The program was participated by the representatives of local authorities, schools, women networks, child clubs and health posts. The message of human trafficking was disseminated through distribution of IEC materials, songs and speeches.