Nepalese celebrate completion of SLC and “Ropain” as Monsoon approached

On 29th July the “International Rice Day” was celebrated in Nepal and planting season started. With 122 kilogram per capita and year rice is the most relevant staple food in the country. Whole village communities are on the fields to plant seedlings collectively. Before, Governmental SLC Exams have been completed. Many underprivileged youths passed after they have been prepared by informal classes in AWO International’s cooperation projects with SPACE and SAHAMATI.


One week after the official start of the Monsoon has been announced heavy rains arrived in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and “Ropain” the plantation of rice has started. The dry terraces are flooded, fields are ploughed by help of bullocks, earth is shifted manually by local farmers and millions of green seedlings are planted by women in the knee deep mud. 


80% of the annual rain falls during monsoon. In the past years climatic variations have been increasing. Farmers are more frequently victims of droughts and heavy floods; vulnerability to decreased or lost harvests is the consequence. 


AWO International supports farmers to apply new land use patterns, locally adapted seeds and is in process to support project beneficiaries to prepare themselves against disasters before they happen. Food Security is a basic right and is promoted in six projects supported by AWO International in India and Nepal. In Nepal SPACE also supports freed Kamayias (former bonded labours) to achieve Land Rights so that own food can be grown under organic conditions.


During last phase (2011-2013) SPACE and SAHAMATI held informal classes for marginalized children and youth in rural areas of Nepal to catch up with the formal education system. Due to poverty or illiteracy of their parents children sometimes have no supportive environment to learn and drop out from school. During SLC exams students supported by informal education and preparatory SLC classes were able to pass successfully and have good chances to live a life without poverty.


One of the SLC graduates is Ashmita Thapa from the village Keladi in Nawalparasi District. She has been too old to catch up with the formal education system. After attending the bridge classes of SAHAMATI she was able to jump over some classes and to complete her SLC. We congratulate! 


On 17th June she told her story at Vijaya FM from Gaidakot. Please listen to her interview in Nepali language by clicking on this line (MP3 file with 8 MB). 

Community farming on 28th July 2014

Farmers prepare fertile soil for sowing

Planting of seedlings nursed before

Ashmita Thapa proudly passed the SLC