One Dollar in preparedness saves six Dollar in an emergency

As a consequence of the devastating earthquake of 2015 AWO International, together with its local partner organisation Sarbodaya Nepal and CARDSN, is implementing a Disaster Risk Reduction project in the district Nuwakot. The project aims on building up resilient communities and also raising the awareness of local people on preparedness and response. Besides this aspect the project also includes components of income generating activities, such as Kiwi farming, poultry and vegetable production.

The project villages of Kimtang and Buntang in Nuwakot district are located in steep hilly areas and are only accessable in the dry season. During the monsoon from July to September the communities depend on themselves. Only a few suppliers reach the villages. Hence, it is even more important to strengthen local community structures, to diversify the stable food sources and to prepare these disaster prone villages for emergencies. Supported with means from German Relief Coaltion, Neighbours in Need and Volkshilfe Austria AWO International and its implementing partners have trained villagers on how to consruct earthquake-proof houses, mitigated the risk of landslides through plantation of deep rooted plants and the construction of fresh water reservoirs.

To get an insight in the ongoing activities, which will be completed later this year, our Austrian colleague Ms Julia Webinger (Volkshilfe Austria) visited the project site. Together with the Regional Coordinator Humanitarian Aid Mukund Sing KC and Head Representative Manuel Palz she interacted with the community members and discussed the ongoing intervention. Even though the project hasn’t been completed yet, the first results are visible and remarkable. Asked if they feel that the project is giving the right input, community leaders confirmed that all activities are serving the purpose of strengthen their resilient and providing them the necessary information on how to react in crisis situation. Though the villagers feel equipped with the right tool set everyone hopes that the newly gained knowledge won’t be needed anytime soon. A first time to see whether the intervention has been successful will be observed during the rainy seasons later this year.

Mukund Sing KC and Ms Webigner interacting with community

Trained villagers on how to build earthquake resistant houses