Sahamati-RDP celebrates the International Youth Day 2012

In 2012 again, SAHAMATI, AWO International’s implementing local partner in the Rural Youth Development Programme (RDP) in Nepal’s Nawalparasi District, celebrated the International Youth Day 2012 in the RDP programme area together with local youth NGOs. This time, the RDP only provided technical and some financial support for the various events and the Dhruba Tara Rural Development Centre of Dhodeni organised additional awareness activities for the International Youth Day celebration.

On 12th of August 2012, about 300 young people (students, members of youth clubs and women groups as well as local people from the Dhodeni area) participated in a peace rally that was followed by a quiz competition between various youth clubs, the RDP supported Youth Information Centres, community forest groups, and other Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Altogether 12 groups from Ratanpur and Gaidakot VDCs participated in the contest. The Youth Information Centre of Gaidakot won the first prize and the Youth Information Centre of Ratanpur and the Kali Gandaki Women Group of Dhodeni came in second and third position respectively. After the quiz contest, representatives of local youth clubs and cooperative addressed the participants and informed them about the importance of youth participation in development and the International Youth Day.

Parallel to the celebrations in Dhodeni, the Jansewa Social Development Centre of Barimal in Dhandajheri, Ward 4, organised an International Youth Day event in the village of Tandi. Most of the youth clubs, Youth Information Centres, cooperatives and Self-Help-Groups of Dandajheri and Kotthar Village Development Committees (VDCs) participated in this event. A traditional Chudka dance competition was held and the songs of the competition dealt with topics such as safe migration, youth capacity development and the opportunities of self-employment. The Thambesi youth group from Kotthar VDC won the competition and the Barimal youth group and Jadevi women group came in second and third respectively. The event was chaired by the president of the Janasewa Social Development Centre, Rekh Bahadur Pulami.

Overall, the International Youth Day celebrations helped to raise awareness about the importance of youth development and the need for a recognition of youth in the community (and at the national level as well). The local youth were motivated to be part and parcel of their own development through RDP-supported initiatives as well as through development activities initiated by their own local youth NGOs.

Participants of the International Youth Day 2012 celebration in Dandajheri

Kamala Dishwa (of Thamdanda-6, Kotthar VDC) reciting a poem in English. She is a participant of the RDP supported youth informal classes (English language) in Kotthar VDC.