TV & Print Media report about Project Interventions in Nepal

More then 40.000 people from 5.600 households in Nepal are benefiting from support in context of livelihood promotion, youth empowerment and safe migration. A television documentary and a print article about AWO International’s interventions highlighted the relevance of social structure building and the achieved results.

On 18th May, on 08:30am, Nepal Televison “n-tv” broadcasted a short documentary as part of it’s regular program “Public Concern”, explaining the working approach of AWO International and it’s Nepal partners to achieve development results by sustainable project interventions. The broadcasting of the documentary was also repeated at the same date.

On 20th May the weekly journal “The Corporate” printed an interview with the AWO Head Representative, where the relevance of income generating activities was pointed out, questions regarding monitoring instruments were answered and the manifold use of the 150 build up / strengthened local structures were described. The article can be opened by clicking at the respective photo.

Interview with AWO International’s Head Representative for South Asia, Felix Neuhaus

Announcement of the TV program “Public Concern” on Nepal Television N-TV

Interview of the TV-Journalist with AWO International's Program Coordinator, Rejina Joshi

Impressions of AWO International’s project work in Nepal were broadcasted