Vacancy Announcement: Consultant

Title: Consultant aimed at technical support for WASH and Shelter interventions for the project “Emergency Response to Rohingya Crisis, Bangladesh”

Reports to: HAC, Regional Office SA.

Duration: 15 working days (17 Dec to 31 Dec 2017, excluding travel and reporting days)


I. Project Profile

Project name: Emergency Response to Rohingya Crisis.

Project goal: Reduced suffering of refugees arriving from Burma to Bangladesh.

Project specific objectives:

- Displace and migrated families have better and living conditions.

- Displaced families in grief have better hygiene.

- Target households/families enjoy improved hygiene and sanitation environment.

Locations: Refugee camps in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

Project period: 15 days, excluding travel and reporting days.

Implementing partner: Agrajattra


II. Background:

In Burma since 1982, Rohingyas in Rakhine state have been facing problems of rights as the Burmese government dragged away the right of citizen of these people. Since then they have been raising their voice to return their right with equity and survival. Religious and ethnic tensions built up between these Rohingya minority and Buddhists who hold majority. Recent outbreak of clash in 2015 took the situation towards bizarre and made the situation unsafe. Recent attack on the security posts by Rohingya insurgents twisted the situation and created havoc. Villages, houses were burnt to ash and people were killed brutally in front of the family members. To save life and survive Rohingyas started fleeing to adjoining areas in neighbouring country Bangladesh.

Henceforward, owing to current situation and humanitarian crisis of refugees, AWO International started emergency response to Rohingya refugee crisis in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh since 1st of November 2017. AWO is supporting the refugees mainly for Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Shelter. WASH needs should be addressed immediately to prevent impending public health hazards such as diarrhea, cholera etc. and safeguard the environment. The refugees living in camps are either without or with non-functional toilets, scarcity of running water facilities. AWO has a target of reaching more than 800 HHs/camps number within this project time frame through WASH and shelter intervention. In order to meet this target, experts who have the experience of working for displaced population would be needed in the program. Especial consideration should be given in following the WASH guidelines in Sphere Handbook.


III. Objectives of the consultancy:

The major objective of the consultancy is to set a benchmark with innovations in terms of shelter construction and WASH semi-permanent structures using local materials. The main purpose of the consultant will be:

- To help locals meet the critical wash needs of the refugees living in the camps.

- To support in providing Wash facilities to the refugees living in the camps according to WASH standard.

- To provide innovative & firm shelter designs, considering various disasters like cyclones, storm etc.


 IV. Deliverables

WASH consultant will deliver following activities within 15 days:

- Designing and construction of community shared latrines that are gender friendly and safe to be used at any time; try to intervene new innovation using low cost technology.

- Designing and construction of bathing cubicles that are gender friendly and have enough safety measures such as locks; try new innovations that are low cost and replicable.

- Built shelter models using local materials, with additional inputs which make them strong enough to support in cyclone e preparedness.

- Site selection and support for identification of appropriate sites for water points (deep bores).


V. Roles and responsibilities of Consultant:

- Accomplish the given task with in the time frame.

- Design and cost estimation of the semi-permanent structures of toilets, bathing cubicles and installation of deep bores. Detail sketch design and cost estimate for deep bores, shelter and wash

- Close monitoring of construction.

- Submission of a comprehensive work completion report by the end of term.


 VI. Roles and responsibilities of AWO:

- Provide detail information about project, target area.

- Provide consultation fee and bear travel and accommodation cost.

- In case of further support needed, provide technical materials for smooth implementation (materials refer here to construction materials.


 VII. Qualifications of the consultant:

- Past working experience of 2 years in response focusing on Shelter, WASH and other cross cutting issues. Preference with experience in shelter and WASH in emergencies.

- Proven knowledge in designing, new innovations.

- Holds engineering degree.


 VIII. Duration of Assignment:

15 working days starting from 17th December to 31th December 2017, excluding travel and reporting days. Number of days required including travel and reporting days:

Task 1: Travel days (Ktm-Dka-Cox’s 2 days; Cox’s-DKA-Ktm 2 days) (4 Days)

Task 2: Working days (15 Days)

Task 3: Report writing and sharing draft report (2 Days)

Task 4: Final report submission (2 Days)

Total days: 23


IX. Benefits and Remuneration:

AWO International will pay NPR 4000/day (In words Four Thousand Only) per day, excluding tax for 15 days, NPR 2000/day (In words, Two Thousand only) for daily allowance. NPR, 2000 allowance/day only for two days while travelling from DKA –Cox’s and Cox’s DKA.

Flight from Kathmandu-Dhaka-Cox and back, will be covered by AWO International regional office, South Asia. In addition to the remuneration cost, AWO will provide accommodation cost at Dhaka.

50 % of total amount will be paid at the initial stage and remaining 50 % after the completion of task and final report submission.

Consultant will have to manage medical insurance on his own and AWO will not bear any coverage for insurance and other medical costs.


 X. Termination of the Contract:

AWO will terminate the contract, if the consultant commits a breach in the performance or observance of its obligation under this TOR. The consultant shall be notified in written form within a week prior to the termination of the agreement.


XI. Discretion:

The consultant is bound to secrecy about all business and administration-secrets they gained knowledge of, not only throughout the duration of the contract but also beyond the cooperation with the AWO International. The legal requirements of the German federal data protection act are to be observed additionally. The enforcement of damages remains reserved. All documents provided to the consultant in connection to this contract are to be returned immediately after the completion of the contract. The consultant has no right of withholding. All documents, reports and designs produced within this period solely belong to AWO and have copyright.


XII. Liability:

The consultant is legally liable for the total amount of all damages he inflicts on AWO International within the framework of the work carried out by him.


XIII. Drawing up:

This contract will be duplicated. One copy will be kept by AWO International and one copy by the consultant.


Application procedure

Interested candidates should send their CV and motivation/cover letter to: mail [at] awo-southasia.org  by no later than 15th December 2017, 5.00 pm Nepal time.