WARBE initiates National Network for Migration in Bangladesh and advocates at Global Forum on Migration & Development

On the occasion of International Labour Day a human chain was organized and the “Bangladesh Migrants Forum” a national migration network advocating for migrants rights was launched. With support of AWO International the Bangladesh partner WARBE Development Organization” attends the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) from May 12 to 16 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is expected that the GFMD will have an important contribution to manifest migrant’s issues in the Post-2015 agenda of the United Nations that will replace the Millennium Development Goals.   

On 1st May 2014 the “Bangladesh Migrants Rights Forum” was officially announced. The network formation was facilitated by WARBE as planned under the project of AWO International. Initially 22 member organizations joined; the network is open to new relevant stakeholders to join. The forum was declared as “non-politic, non-profit and voluntary”. Beneath the national network AWO International supports the formation of district networks such a local stakeholder networks in the districts Tangail, Comilla and Chittagong.

On international Labour Day a round table was organized involving all members of the new national network. The discriminatory “Kafala System” that contributes to exploitation of labour migrants in the Gulf Countries and the need for ratification of the ILO convention for the protection of Domestic Workers were discussed. Especially domestic women workers are often facing abuse, sexual harassment and torture. Major discussion themes were also the increased death rates of migrants such as the capture of illegal migrants in jails and detention centers in the destination countries and ways for proper compensation for death and disabled labour migrants in Bangladesh.

AWO International supported the participation of WARBE Development Foundation in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) an inter-governmental process that
enables the member countries to discuss linkages between migration and development such as its opportunities and challenges. Every year the GFMD meeting focuses on a specific theme and dialogues are held in an informal, non-binding framework that promotes practical, evidence-based outcomes and cooperation between governments.

This year’s GFMD is held in Stockholm, Sweden. WARBE positioned burning issues of Bangladeshi migrant workers during the “Civil society Days (CSD’s)” meetings from 12-13 May and also does so on May 14 when civil society and government delegation meetings take place in the name of “Common Space”. This year’s civil society main theme is “Shaping Migration and Development Goals: Global Movement, Change on the Ground”.
From 15-16 May high level government delegates from sending and destination countries will discuss and take decisions in context of the main theme “Unlocking the Potential of Migration for Inclusive Development”.  

Please click here to download an information sheet about GFMD 2014 that was compiled by WARBE on the occasion of a national press conference held on 4th May at the “Reporters Unity” press club in Dhaka. Beneath WARBE Chairperson, Saiful Haque, also high level representatives from the Director General of the Bureau of Manpower and Training (BMET) and of the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) attended the press conference. Various media reported.

Human Chain on the occasion of International Labour Day

Press Conference of WARBE in Dhaka

One of the news reflecting topics broached at the press conference