Together with our project partner Maiti Nepal, we fight human trafficking on the Indian and Chinese borders of Nepal. Our actions include the rescue and reintegration of the affected, active prevention work at local level, and the establishment of local and regional structures to curb trafficking in Nepal.

Trafficking in Nepal has undergone radical change in recent years. While originally ethnic groups and near-border districts were mostly affected, nowadays all districts and ethnic groups have become the focus of traffickers. Uncontrolled entry and exit at the Indian and Chinese borders has made it even easier for traffickers to illegally transport people across borders. Especially women and children are affected because they seek for better educational opportunities and working conditions. Over the last few years, however, human trafficking has also increasingly taken place in the context of labor migration, for example to the Gulf States, Malaysia or even China. In addition, traffickers usually come from the immediate environment of their potential victims, so that the victims have confidence and leave voluntarily. Previous government action, such as the establishment of a National Committee on Controlling Trafficking (NCCHT), District (DCCHT) and Village (VCCHT) committees, has not yet been actively pursued. Trafficking victims are thus dependent on the work of organizations such as Maiti. 

Over 30,000 women and children rescued

Maiti Nepal was founded to combat trafficking, the abuse and neglect of children and women. Since then, Maiti has rescued more than 30,000 women and children and convicted 1,200 traffickers. AWO International has supported Maiti Nepal since 2014. The joint project is being carried out in three districts of Nepal: Chitwan district is located in the south of Nepal and is the focus of our project due to its border with India. Our support targets especially women and young girls who are considered potential victims of trafficking.

Awareness raising and campaigning

One focus of our project is the improvement of the legal framework and the creation of anti-trafficking structures. At the local level, awareness-raising and anti-trafficking measures are increasingly being promoted. The "Maiti Nepal Volunteer Groups" (MNV) and "Community Safety Nets" (CSN), founded by our project partner, are actively cooperating with government actors. In addition, to raising awareness of politicans, media and police representatives, further anti-trafficking initiatives are being implemented in villages and schools. The involvement of media plays a crucial role. Through regular meetings within the established network and the ongoing training of members, a coordinated collaboration and information exchange with highly qualified actors can be guaranteed. Furthermore, cross-border coordination and rescue operations between Nepal and India or China are necessary in the fight against human trafficking

Rescue, first aid and reintegration

The rescue and initial care of victims of trafficking is one of the most important components of our work. Our border observation bases serve as direct interventions in the suspicion on human trafficking. Our transitional shelters on the Indian and Chinese borders provide temporary accommodation for the victims while providing medical and psychosocial counseling and care. Legal advice will be provided to the victims on the spot, along with assistance during the trial. After the initial care, the reintegration of the victims in their families and communities takes place. Successful reintegration not only means the return of victims to their families and communities, but also the empowerment and promotion of socio-economic autonomy of victims and social inclusion free from discrimination.



Project information:

Project: Combatting against Human Trafficking and for Safe Migration

Implementation areas: Sindhupalchowk, Chitwan and Rasuwa District

Partner: Maiti Nepal

Target Group: Women and children who have been or are in risk of being trafficked


- Lobbyism and advocacy

- Support of safe migration and prevention of human trafficking

- Rescue and first aid for survivors of human trafficking

- Improvement of socio-economic situation of potential victims and survivors of Human Trafficking through income-generating measures

Implementation period: 2017-2019

Budget: 80.300 Euro p.a.

Donor: BMZ


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Maiti Nepal
83-Maiti Marg, Pinglasthan Gaushala, Kathmandu
Tel.: +977-1-4494816

Email: info [at]



Anuradha Koirala: The 67 year old founder of Maiti Nepal advocates Safe Migration and combats Human Trafficking in women and children. She was awarded with the CNN Heroes and the Mother Theresa Award for her achievements. (Foto: Maiti)
Managing Director of AWO International Ingrid Lebherz and Regional Office Manager Manuel Palz visit the Migration Information Center close to the border. (Foto: AWO International)
A survivor of human trafficking sitting in a shelter home of Maiti Nepal. A trafficker made her cross the border without papers. Staff of Maiti talked to her about the risks of unsafe migration and brought her to the shelter. (Foto: Timm Schamberger / Aktion Deutschland Hilft)